Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Prussian Horse Artillery Caisson

Life continues to be pretty busy however in my spare time I have slowly pushed on with my Prussian artillery vehicle project.

So the 1st of my artillery park finished is a caisson for my horse artillery batteries.

As mentioned before the vehicle is from the relatively new Bluemoon Prussian range and is really lovely. The drivers are from AB, I had consciously decided a number of years ago to only use a 4 horses team for each of my AB limbers, with the thought of converting Prussian support vehicles this left me spare drivers.

I'm so happy that bluemoon decided to do the support vehicles as they have given me so much inspiration.

For the horse caisson drivers following advice from the lads on FB I decided to add a litewka plus the leatherwork and fittings the horse drivers may have worn. This was added with greenstuff and hasn't come out to badly. 

The caisson was painted with my trusty humbrol Prussian blue lightend with an old grey I have kept over the years so my Prussian vehicles all match.  

The traces were made with twisted thin wire threads and were superglued into holes I drilled at the attachment points. I then created attachment loops and harness with greenstuff. 

I may use this week guy as my profile pic sometime?

All in all a nice little project, the traces were the tricky bit but I think worth it.

I hope everyone is finding some time to paint their toys.

Happy Wargaming!